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We are designers and artisans dedicated to the edition of limited series of tableware for haute cuisine.

We started with the design and production of tableware for the El Bulli restaurant, in collaboration with the Ferràn Adrià team, in 2003.

After that wonderful experience and due to the interest shown by renowned chefs such as Paco Pérez, Hideki Matsuhisa, Albert Adrià or the Roca brothers, we decided to specialize in the development of custom-made plating tools.

Since then we have carried out projects for renowned chefs and restaurants around the world.

Luesma & vega is a studio dedicated to the design and production of artistic glass objects with contemporary techniques that has collaborated with designers, decorators and companies, solving their needs.

In all our projects from the beginning there is the will to produce beautiful and durable objects that accompany us and increase in value over time, that is why they are repairable, transformable and at the end of their life totally recyclable.

We do not want to fill the world with useless and indifferent objects, our productions are very careful and respectful of the environment. We produce by hand, one by one and in very limited series with non-industrial processes.

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Luesma & Vega is the team formed by Ester Luesma and Xavier Vega, founded in 1991

Photo by Martin Tarifeño

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